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1. Exam shall be held on 28th January 2018, Sunday (10:15am – 1:15pm) at Spring Days School, I Block, Ashok Vihar, Phase 1, New Delhi-110052. All candidates to report sharp at 10am.
2. Must carry this acknowledgment number and retain the same till results.
3. Please do not indulge in any unfair means else the paper shall be cancelled.
4. The Venue School and Stonex Foundation does not take any responsibility toward any untoward incident during the exam and cannot be held liable for the same.
5. Decision/Result of the examiners shall be final and binding.
6. Answer sheets/results shall not be shared with the candidate or his/her representative under any circumstances.
7. No case can be filed for selecting/non-selecting any student.
8. All litigation’s are subject to the Delhi Jurisdiction only.

Instructions to fill the Form

1. All the fields should be clearly filled.
2. Attach a copy of class X results.
3. Attach a copy of Aadhar Card.
4. Submit two passport size photographs along with the form.

Eligibility for Entrance Test

1. Only class XI students are eligible for the entrance test.
2. The student is required to have scored minimum 9.1 CGPA in Class X.

Syllabus for Entrance Test


1. Complex Numbers
2. Quadratic Equations
3. Progressions
4. Permutations and Combinations
5. Binomial Theorem
6. Straight Lines
7. Trigonometry
8. Application of Trigonometry


1. Kinematics
2. Newton's Law of Motions
3. Work, Power and Energy
4. Circular Motion


1. Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic
2. Periodic Classification
3. Atomic Structures
4. States of Matter
5. Chemical Equilibrium
6. Energetic / Thermodynamics
7. Chemical Bonding

Pattern of Entrance Test

1. There will be 90 Multiple Choice Questions - 30 each in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
2. Each question will have FOUR options out of which exactly one is correct. For each correct response + 3 marks will be awarded and for each incorrect response -1 mark will be awarded.

Duration of Test: 3 Hours

# For further details & queries please contact or message at: +91 9818183391